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enjoy the food of Nepal and Tibet

In the Nepali language, "Himalaya" means "mountain range," so Himalayan food encompasses the cuisine of Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan.

"I have always had a passion for cooking, and a food cart was a great way to introduce Himalayan food to the people of Bend".

Tenzin's life-long journey and passion for spices began at a very young age. His foods are inspired through the colorful memories of his grandmother's family recipes and her cooking style. Cherring Mendok Sherpa's influence runs deep within his bold flavors, which are always paired with seasonal, simple and fresh ingredients.

Tenzin's grandfather, renowned Himalayan mountain guide and Everest climber Dawa Tsering Sherpa, once gave him endearing advice while they were hiking together. "Do not only focus where you are going, or how high you have to climb to get there, take time to look at what you have achieved to get where you are". This advice stays close to Tenzin today, and his food is an homage to that day hiking in the mountains with his grandfather.

As a young boy at boarding school, the food served to the students was bland. So Tenzin and a handfull of other boys would sneak into the kitchen to gather individual spices, then they would make their own spice recipes and quietly share them with the other boys. They would have to hide those raw spices just below the rims of their plates... then when the wardens were not looking, the boys would carefully season their food.

Himalayan Bites is best known for the original Sherpa family recipe for hand-made dumplings, that are stuffed with meats and veggies, and then steamed until they resemble little clouds of savory goodness. Drizzled with a spicy tomato sauce, they are far too easy to eat by the dozen.


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